Wasatch Walkers


Who Are We?

The Wasatch Walkers is a recreational walking club based in the Wasatch Front area of Utah. We also include members from central and southern Utah.  We have several areas of focus, and you may participate in any or all of them as a member of our club:

*Fitness walking


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Club officers:

Diane Teece, President

Dawna Romney, Treasurer

Diane Teece, Membership

Tammy Stevenson, Secretary & Webmaster



What Do We Do?

The club currently organizes workouts at various times during the week.  All workouts emphasize companionship, form, and skill development.  Locations rotate, so please refer to our schedule for specific information. Occasional opportunities to attend local workshops are available.

The Wasatch Walkers conducts social activities that include parties and club meetings. Groups of individuals may also participate in races of distances from 5K to marathons locally or out of area.

Contact Information

Please e-mail us to learn more.  As a member of the club, you may also join our Yahoo group to chat with group members and discuss walking-related topics.


General Information: diane "at" wasatchwalkers.com (replace "at" with @)

Webmaster: tammy "at" wasatchwalkers.com (replace "at" with @)